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Intelligent Transport Systems Solution

ClearWay provides continuous real-time industry-leading accuracy and low false-alarm rates. It’s proven to work in the most demanding situations and conditions all over the world. We offer full situational awareness and continuous monitoring of all activities on the highway.

High performance in all conditions 

The system deploys radar technology providing highly accurate incident detection and full situational awareness. It’s proven to work in the most demanding situations and conditions all over the world. ClearWay is easily configured to the most complex customer requirements, and integrates seamlessly with existing systems. With minimal infrastructure requirements, fast set-up and the lowest false alarm rates on the market, our system is cost effective to meet your needs.

ClearWay has been adopted by leading Highways Authorities as the system of choice for increasing safety and efficiency on roads. If you are looking for the best technology to provide the highest safety on your highways, whilst maximising your capacity, then ClearWay is the system for you.

Where is it used?

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Smart Highways look to increase the road capacity without building new roads and without impacting safety. ClearWay is a key component of a Smart Highways safety solution, providing accurate and reliable vehicle tracking and automatic incident detection in all weather and lighting conditions. ClearWay automatically detects and alerts of incidents such as stopped vehicles, slow vehicles, accidents, wildlife in the area and debris on the hard shoulder. It increases road users’ safety by integrating smart signs and connected vehicles, delivering alerts directly to road users.


Due to the confined space and artificial environment, tunnel accidents are always serious and can often create secondary incidents. ClearWay minimises the potential for secondary impacts after an initial incident is identified, as the system automatically detects and reports stopped vehicles, pedestrians and debris in seconds. The Situational Awareness module within ClearWay provides the exact position of vehicles and pedestrians in the tunnel, even in smoke and fire conditions, when you need it most. Real-time updates enable operators and fire services to make life-saving decisions quickly.


Often, the lack of physical barriers to prevent a pedestrian entering a vehicle lane on a bridge is of great concern to road authorities. ClearWay monitors the whole length of the bridge acting as an early warning system for any pedestrians that may attempt to enter the restricted zone. It accurately tracks the exact location of the pedestrians and vehicles in real-time and reports this information on an over-head map to operators within seconds, giving them maximum time to take action . Immunity to vibration and operation in all weather and light conditions enable a system with a very low false alarm rate, giving operators confidence.

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