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The highways safety system

When you need a highway safety system that works in all weather conditions, ClearWay is the best technology available.

It works in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen

Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System will find a stopped vehicle in seconds so operators can get assistance to road users faster. The same system delivers additional capabilities to further advance safety and improve journeys including: vehicle count and classification, wrong-way driver detection and hard shoulder monitoring — to name a few.

Where is it used?

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Navtech’s ITS technology is deployed on highways from Sweden to Australia, New Zealand and America. It's field-proven to be effective over large national schemes covering 200+ miles. Our highways solution delivers a level of operational performance that makes any road significantly safer and more efficient — with high detection and low false alarm rates.


Navtech's largest single tunnel installation monitors 28.8 kilometres of roadway. Our ClearWay solution is trusted to automatically close the tunnel when it detects a wrong-way driver. The same system also provides automatic incident detection, stopped vehicle detection, and pedestrian detection in the tunnel.

Our Global Partners & Installations

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Installations Map - Clearway
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