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The highways safety system

When you need a highway safety system that works in all weather conditions, ClearWay is the best technology available. Navtech’s Intelligent Transport System will find a stopped vehicle or wrong-way driver in seconds so operators can get assistance to road users faster. It works when you need it most: in poor visibility when accidents are more likely to happen.

It works when you need it most

Roads are dynamic environments that can quickly become challenging: whether it’s low sun reflecting in a driver’s eyes; heavy rain causing spray; or dense fog impairing visibility. In these circumstances, alternative technologies fail, and radar continues to work, improving road safety at the most critical times.

The same system can provide other actionable data to deliver further improvements, such as vehicle count and classification, automatic incident detection, and debris detection, to name a few – with the ultimate outcome of advancing safety and improving journeys for everyone.

Where is it used?

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Navtech’s ITS technology is deployed on highways from Sweden to Australia, New Zealand and America. Field-proven to be effective over large national schemes covering 200+ miles, with high detection and low false alarm rates, ClearWay delivers a level of operational performance that makes any road significantly safer and more efficient.


Due to the confined space and artificial environment, tunnel accidents are always serious and can often create secondary incidents. ClearWay minimises the potential for secondary impacts after an initial incident is identified, as the system automatically detects and reports stopped vehicles, pedestrians and debris in seconds. The Situational Awareness module within ClearWay provides the exact position of vehicles and pedestrians in the tunnel, even in smoke and fire conditions, when you need it most. Real-time updates enable operators and fire services to make life-saving decisions quickly.


Often, the lack of physical barriers to prevent a pedestrian entering a vehicle lane on a bridge is of great concern to road authorities. ClearWay monitors the whole length of the bridge acting as an early warning system for any pedestrians that may attempt to enter the restricted zone. It accurately tracks the exact location of the pedestrians and vehicles in real-time and reports this information on an over-head map to operators within seconds, giving them maximum time to take action . Immunity to vibration and operation in all weather and light conditions enable a system with a very low false alarm rate, giving operators confidence.

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