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Automatic Incident Detection

Navtech's highway safety system is designed to improve journeys and advance safety on roads and in tunnels. The system is capable of delivering a full suite of Automatic Incident Detection applications fulfilling multiple roadside requirements from a single system.

Comprehensive Automatic Incident Detection

Illustration of ClearWay applications

Key projects

  • Used in Statens vegvesen's Ryfast Tunnel, in Stavanger, Norway, where it is delivering automatic incident detection, stopped vehicle detection, pedestrian detection and wrong-way driver detection
  • Installed on the Kwinana Freeway, in Perth, Australia, where early incident detection is helping Main Roads Western Australia to improve traffic flow
  • Used by Trafikverket, in Sweden since 2010, where it has been delivering automatic incident detection on the E4 motorway to improve road safety during Sweden’s harsh winter conditions.
Ryfast Tunnel ClearWay installation
Navtech Radar
Highway signs

Images: Ryfast tunnel, 102 radar cover a total of 28.8 km. Kwinana Freeway deployment, improving traffic flow.  E4 Motorway in Sweden, ITS system supported since 2010. 

Why ClearWay?

Low impact installation

Navtech’s radar needs no servicing or maintenance during its 10-year design life reducing the CO₂ impact of traffic and roadside work.

With comprehensive AID from a single system, it reduces the number of roadside technologies required, it also simplifies roadside architecture reducing the impact on our environment.

It works in poor visibility, when you need it most

Roads are dynamic environments that can quickly become challenging: whether it’s low sun reflecting in a driver’s eyes; heavy rain causing spray; or dense fog impairing visibility.

In these circumstances, alternative technologies fail, and radar continues to work, improving road safety at the most critical times.

Multiple capabilities

ClearWay, is Navtech Radar’s ITS technology improving journeys and advancing safety. The same system can provide multiple capabilities including comprehensive automatic incident detection, vehicle count and classification and situational awareness.

360° coverage across the entire freeway

Navtech's system utilises our world-leading 360° radar and software analytics solution. The radar works in all weather and light conditions covering a long section of the road network. Rotating four times a second it delivers 1,140,000+ data points per rotation.

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