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Benelux Tunnel


Navtech's ClearWay solution has been chosen by Yunex Traffic NL as the technology of choice for their technology trial with Rijkswaterstat.

Test set-up 20 radar and cameras
Across one entire tunnel tube
October 2023 project announced

Yunex Traffic has received an order from Rijkswaterstaat to demonstrate on a trial basis that automatic detection of stationary traffic and wrong-way drivers in tunnels are possible alternatives to the usual induction loops.

To this end, they will deploy their flexible automatic incident detection platform, TraffiGuard, and link image recognition cameras and radar systems to it. Yunex Traffic are looking to demonstrate that this will provide road traffic control with better information about incidents in the tunnel, which will improve safety and traffic flow for road users.

The test set-up:

  • Installation in the Benelux Tunnel
  • Monitoring of one entire tunnel tube and parts of the outlying area
  • Combination of detections from around 20 radars and cameras into a complete traffic picture

The first results are expected in 2024.

ClearWay applications
Applications deployed
Other available applications
Automatic Incident Detection
Pedestrian Detection
Stopped Vehicle Detection
Debris Detection
Wrong-Way Driver Detection
Wildlife Detection
Hard Shoulder Monitoring
Vehicle Count and Classification
Traffic Flow Data Collection
Situational Awareness for Tunnel Operators
Situational Awareness for Emergency Services
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