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Maryland Highway

Maryland, USA

Navtech’s highway safety system, ClearWay, has been selected as the automatic incident detection (AID) technology for a major highway corridor in Maryland.


Navtech’s highway safety system, ClearWay, has been selected as the AID technology for a major highway corridor in Maryland. ClearWay will deliver stopped vehicle detection, automatic incident detection, count and classify, slow vehicle detection, and wrong-way driver detection on the roadway.

Our ITS team works closely with consultants to demonstrate the capabilities of our radar technology to end customers. We’re experienced working in partnership with consultants on the design of the system, working with primary contractors to fit in with their build schedules, through to working with operators of the technology once it’s in place.



Navtech's radar now meets US frequency requirements

In August 2020, Navtech introduced the KTS radar to its range, making the highways safety system available for use in the US.

The KTS-350 is FCC-certified and has been specially designed by the company’s in-house research and development team to operate in the Ka Band to meet local frequency requirements. Technical specifications are available.

Solutions applications
Applications deployed
Other available applications
Automatic incident detection
Pedestrian detection
Stopped vehicle detection
Debris detection
Vehicle count and classify
Travel time data collection
Wrong-way driver detection
Emergency services view
Hard shoulder monitoring
Queue detection
Wildlife detection
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