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Lighting Control

Tunnels in remote locations may see few vehicles passing through them, particularly late at night. Tunnels which are fully lit 24/7 are not only unnecessary, but also expensive for highways agencies to maintain. Lighting may also be lost during an incident such as a tunnel fire, making it almost impossible for some detection technologies to locate the incidents and road users which may need help.

ClearWay monitors traffic flow, allowing it to automatically dim lighting when there are few road users using a tunnel. Automatic lighting control saves on energy, subsequently lowering cost of ownership. The system can also operate in complete darkness, so in the event of a loss of power, ClearWay's performance will not be affected.

Image of a lighting in a dark tunnel environment.

Lighting Control 

  • Monitors traffic flow 
  • Connects to the lighting control system
  • Dims or brightens lighting.
  • Full situational awareness even in complete darkness.

How does ClearWay Improve Tunnel Safety?

Operation in all lighting conditions

The Situational Awareness module within ClearWay provides information regarding the exact position of vehicles and pedestrians in the tunnel during a tunnel fire or other incident. Real time updates enable operators and fire services to make life saving decisions quickly and the coordinated rapid response ensures effective management of the event. 

During a tunnel fire, lighting in the tunnel may fail. Because of its ability to operate in all light conditions and perform in smoke and fire, loss of lighting is not an issue for ClearWay. The system is able to provide accurate information of location of incidents and people, making emergency response easier. If necessary, the system can also control ventilation. 

Lighting Control as a Power Saving Solution

Image of lighting through a tunnel, which could be automatically turned on and off by the lighting control system.

ClearWay can be used as a power saving solution.

When the system detects there are no vehicles in the tunnel area or near the entrance, it automatically dims lighting. Once a vehicle is detected near the entrance, the system automatically switches the lighting back on.

This feature is very effective overnight when traffic is sporadic.

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