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Fast Response Time

With more cars on the road and higher driving speeds, daily accidents are a certainty. The ability to instantly detect an incident is critical to avoid secondary incidents and maintain traffic flow. Traditional detection technology, however, is unable to provide fast response times as their detective capabilities are not accurate enough.

ClearWay's radar sensors scan all lanes four times per second, intelligently analysing traffic behaviour. The system identifies any potential threats to road users and alerts operators within 10 seconds of an incident occurring. It provides the control centre with the greatest possible time to coordinate a response and effectively manage the situation.

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Response Time

  • Early warning system
  • Alarms generated within 10                        seconds
  • Maximum response time available 
  • Dangerous secondary incidents               prevented

How does ClearWay Improve Response Time?

ClearWay's all lanes monitoring solution reduces the impact of incidents as they are detected and dealt with before they escalate into major problems. The system also minimises tail-backs and expensive congestion, as highway lanes stay open for longer while emergency services clear the road more efficiently due to improved response times.

Why Choose ClearWay?

  • Early warning system

ClearWay automatically monitors all traffic on the highway and is able to identify abnormal behaviour. An alert, not an alarm is generated when potential incidents are detected. This informs the operator of a likely threat before it takes place. The operator can then react accordingly, to stop incidents developing.

  • Alarms generated within 10 seconds of detection

Continuous 360° scanning means that an incident can be detected and an alert generated within a matter of seconds.  This provides the operator with maximum time available to manage the situation effectively to reduce damage.

  • Maximum response time available

The operator would be far more likely to manage the situation when given more time to make the appropriate choice. ClearWay's early warning system informs operators on abnormal behaviour. 

  • Likelihood of fatalities minimised

Serious road incidents can be avoided through appropriate information to road users and a coordinated rapid emergency response team.

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