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Icon of debris falling off a mountain, which can be scanned by Navtech radar

Debris Detection

Pieces of debris on roads and highways pose a threat to vehicles and need to be removed quickly. Vehicles might swerve to avoid debris, potentially leading to secondary incidents. Inability to detect debris quickly, including even small objects such as branches or car parts, could have problematic consequences.

The ClearWay system is the most effective on the market in debris detection, due to its fast detection (leading to quicker response times), low false alarm rates and ability to detect even small objects and debris.

Image of rocks falling, warning drivers about potential debris on the road.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare

How Does it Work?

ClearWay detects objects and pieces of debris as small as 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 m, which are present on roads. The system provides operators with the exact location of the debris, so warnings can be put in place for road users. It also alerts highway operators to remove any objects with potential harm as soon as possible. It is highly accurate and operates in all light and weather conditions.

In the event of debris on the road, ClearWay will generate alarms within ten seconds. This allows operators plenty of time to organise removal and close lanes or warn drivers where necessary. 

Why is ClearWay the Best Solution for Debris Detection?

  • Rapid alerts when incidents detected

Operators are alerted within 10 seconds of debris being detected. This allows maximum time for operators to respond accordingly, and organise the removal of dangerous debris.

  • Dynamically change the speed limit 

When debris is detected, ClearWay is capable of automatically changing highway speed limits, to slow traffic. Slowing traffic will drastically minimise the chance of an incident.

  • Exact location 

ClearWay can provide accurate location information in real time, meaning intervention teams will know the exact location of the debris which needs removing. This minimises disruption time, allowing for improved traffic flow and road user safety.  

  • Low false alarm rate 

ClearWay is accurate in its detection, and has unrivalled low false alarm rates of less than one per radar per day. This improves operator vigilance, so when debris is detected, response is quick and efficient. 

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