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Data Recording

When an incident takes place, it is common that operators and emergency services don't know the full extent of what happened until they get to the incident location. Traditional automatic detection technologies are not accurate enough to provide operators with post-event tracking, making it difficult to piece together the events which led to the incident.

ClearWay's situational awareness feature includes data recording. It can be accessed while events are unfolding for a complete understanding of how to better deploy emergency services. Alternatively, it can be accessed for post-event analysis to improve the management of future incidents, enhancing road users' safety.

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Data Collection

  • Automatically record incidents
  • Operators provided with real-time          information during events
  • History of events recorded for                    seamless post-event analysis

How does ClearWay Enable Better Management of Incidents?

ClearWay gathers and processes huge amounts of data, in real-time to produce concise information streams. When a problem is identified, these streams are automatically recorded so that the operator and services can evaluate their performance post-event and improve the overall response. Data can be stored for up to 30 days.

  • Automatically Record Events

When ClearWay automatically detects abnormal road-user behaviour that violates pre-set rules. The count and classification feature records data regarding speed, size and movement. Additionally, the radar can be integrated with third-party cameras. These videos can be stored for future analytical or training purposes. 

  • Post-Event Analysis

The history of any event is recorded so that the operators and emergency services can evaluate their performance. By understanding whether their response was appropriate and their management of the situation effective, they can improve for future incidents. Data recording is crucial in future incident prevention.

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