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Watch the ITS Webinar Recording: Fundamentals of Using Radar Technology in Highway and Tunnel Projects

In September 2023, we had the pleasure to host the webinar: Fundamentals of Using Radar Technology in Highway and Tunnel Projects. If you missed it, we have made the recording available. Just fill out the form for immediate access. 


About the webinar

High resolution 360° FMCW radar systems provide highly effective and reliable automatic incident detection.

Watch back our webinar to learn more about the fundamentals of radar technology and how it can be used to significantly advance safety and efficiency on highways and in tunnels.  

In the webinar we cover:

  • How radar contributes to safer and more efficient roads
  • What is radar and how it "sees"
  • Types of radar that can be used
  • Case studies

For consultants, road operators, highway engineers, system integrators and those with an interest in innovative technology working in ITS.

ITS cpd Webinar

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Phil Avery, Chief Technology Officer

Phil Avery, Chief Technology Officer and Founder at Navtech

Ozair Baig, ITS Sales Engineer

Ozair Baig, ITS Technical Sales Engineer at Navtech

If you have any questions about our radar-based ITS technology contact us at

Article first published: 11/12/2023

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