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ITS white paper: comparing count technologies 

With so many types of vehicle count technologies available to road owners and operators, we review the different options. In the white paper, we also share comparative data and look in depth at the two most prevalent technologies, flat panel radar and inductive loops, alongside the 360° radar-based ClearWay solution.

In the report :
✅review of technologies
✅side-by-side comparison data
✅in-depth: inductive loops, flat panel radar and 360° FMCW imaging radar

Comparative data

Traditional technologies used to monitor traffic volumes typically involve below road inductive loops or flat panel side fire radars. These are considered to be the most widely used around the world and are the focus of this document. To demonstrate ClearWay’s capability, studies were carried out comparing ClearWay’s count and classification against ground based loops and side fire flat panel radar. Both comparisons showed ClearWay performing favourably and demonstrate ClearWay as a fully viable count and classification system.

Download the white paper