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Watch the webinar recording: How is Navtech Radar opening up opportunities for system integrators within mining?

We are delighted to have hosted our first live webinar. If you have missed the chance to watch it live, fill out the form below and watch it in your own time.
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Webinar: How is Navtech Radar opening up opportunities for system integrators within mining?
About the webinar

Say Goodbye to Black Box Sensors: Our discussion will revolve around the dilemma faced by manufacturers and suppliers, who often offer black box solutions that may not align with the diverse needs of mining operators. We will showcase how our approach, providing full access to data and an SDK, empowers system integrators to bridge this gap effectively.
Mining Applications: Find out through real-world examples how radar technology can be used for a wide range of applications to improve safety and efficiency in the mining industry, and hear from one of our long term partners on how they have successfully navigated this journey with us.
Technology Partnership: Find out how our partnership model emphasises collaboration between technology providers like us, specialising in radar technology renowned for its effectiveness in the mining sector, and local system integrators who possess intimate knowledge of regional systems and practices.

Discover why our customisable and flexible approach, coupled with radar technology’s resilience in harsh mining environments, leads to successful outcomes. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to leverage technology effectively in the mining industry and hear firsthand experiences from experts in the field.