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Our CPD-accredited webinar informs on how operations and security applications are using radar for more than just perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS).

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Radar Technology - more than a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS)
About the webinar

Airports and security-critical applications use radar for good reasons. Unlike cameras and fences, which may fail or be overcome, radar works in all weather and light conditions, requires minimal infrastructure and is highly effective, even at 3 km. Radar applications go beyond just PIDS.

Learn how operations and security applications are using radar.

Watch back our CPD-accredited webinar and learn:

  • Why radar? Detection principles, clutter, and resolution.
  • Types of radar: scanning versus staring, doppler versus FMCW – which to choose?
  • Comparable and complementary technologies – how it integrates with existing solutions.
  • More than just PIDS – detection inside and outside the perimeter – case study.