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AdvanceGuard Video Testimonial at Bristol Airport

AdvanceGuard automatic security surveillance system at Bristol Airport

A film crew visited Bristol Airport recently and recorded a video testimonial by Chris Ware, Head of Security, at the airport. Chris very kindly offered to do this as he was so impressed by the technology and service he experienced whilst working with Navtech Radar.

The AdvanceGuard automatic surveillance system was installed at Bristol Airport to monitor a Critical Part (CP) line, which was close to an area of open ground. Users were alerted to any person or vehicle crossing the line. This then allowed them to make the decision as to weather this was an authorised movement or a security threat.


“It was quite clear that most secure and most effective tool that we could use, was to go for the Navtech system, supported by some of the traditional technologies. It gave us total confidence that we would be able to identify threats, as and when they came across the airfield.”

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Following AdvanceGuard’s installation, Chris Ware has noted that Bristol Airport feel confident that the AdvanceGuard automatic surveillance system provides them with security that they can have the utmost confidence in.