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Introducing the Shannon Airport Case Study

AdvanceGuard has been in operation at Shannon Airport since 2016

Shannon Airport initially approached us with the challenge of keeping protestors out of the perimeter. The airport is the third busiest in Ireland, and its site is both busy and complex. As well as an airport and associated buildings, the site also contains engineering works and it is used by the US military. 

By 2016, working closely with Shannon Airport managers and engineers, Navtech Radar installed the innovative AdvanceGuard solution, integrated with existing Milestone VMS technology.

Future-proof, scalable detection inside and outside the perimeter

By working closely together, both Navtech Radar and Shannon Airport learn and grow continuously. The airport has a flexible, future-proof solution while Navtech innovates and extends its product’s capability and potential.

The original installation was set up to surveil the airport grounds and around 10 metres beyond the perimeter. This required just three radars and immediately provided highly effective perimeter protection and a comprehensive overview of site activity. However, the system has since been extended as, over the years, continuous communication between Navtech and Shannon Airport revealed further potential benefits.

Among the first additions was AdvanceGuard’s ‘friend or foe’ capability. This uses a tagging system to tell AdvanceGuard whether an activity or vehicle is legitimate or not, and to trigger an alarm (or not) accordingly. Later, the airport installed AdvanceGuard’s integrated ADS-B capability to identify and track aircraft.

‘The precision and scope of Navtech Radar’s AdvanceGuard system, with its ability to spot and track intruders with pinpoint accuracy, to reduce nuisance alarms from wildlife and to distinguish between friend and foe, has greatly improved the security of our perimeter and the situational awareness of our security operators. Our working relationship with Navtech, which dates from 2016, has been very productive and we look forward to doing more great work with them in the years ahead.’

John Francis, Head of Security at Shannon Airport

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