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AdvanceGuard is Secured By Design

The AdvanceGuard System Gains 'Secured by Design' Approval

We are pleased to announce that the AdvanceGuard System has been assessed and approved as Secured by Design (SBD).

Secured by Design is an official UK Police security initiative and is awarded to companies producing security products that help to prevent, or reduce crime. The approval is internationally recognised and requires the product to pass tests and meet rigorous standards. On Thursday 26th of May, Richard Poulton and Guy Avery, the Research and Development Team leaders performed a product presentation to a Secure by Design panel and we were notified on 8th June that the product has been approved as Secured by Design.

Phil Avery, Managing Director said:

  “We are pleased that the Navtech AdvanceGuard solution has been awarded Secure By Design status as it is perfect for preventing or reducing crime on       small sites and also larger, complex compounds with a lot of open areas.”

The AdvanceGuard high definition radar security surveillance solution is an innovative alternative to high-cost manned guarding and provides a reliable, low cost solution that delivers continuous automatic perimeter surveillance. From small sites to large complex compounds, AdvanceGuard provides the most comprehensive security detection system available. The radar is ideal for applications such as airport surveillance, critical national infrastructure and property protection The all-weather radar system detects, tracks and identifies threats, and by detecting beyond the perimeter, it can identify potential intruders before they can enter the site.

The behavioural analysis and full 360° of coverage with video identification, bolsters existing security measures, increasing awareness of potential incidents before they happen and increasing response time. Learn more about AdvanceGuard here.