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Radar for Autonomous Vehicle Localisation

Radar is overcoming GPS signal loss in autonomous vehicles.

That’s the message in the recent Forbes interview with, leading autonomous car software provider, Oxbotica.

Professor Paul Newman, Founder & CTO of Oxbotica says:

“Our localization system using radar – even when you have clear skies, beats anything you get from a GPS signal, it sees through dust or rain. The independence from GPS, whether you’re in a canyon or underground means you can use your own sensors to see what’s going on, and it all remains consistent.” 

We joined forces with Oxbotica in 2019, to deliver a radar-based smart sensing solution for operation in all environments. Unlike other systems on the market, the radar-only localisation solution will work faultlessly in the most challenging situations and in any environment, regardless of the conditions. These applications range from mines and airports to warehouses and forests.

The partnership combines Navtech’s 20 years’ of experience developing industry-leading, high-performance sensing solutions with Oxbotica’s expertise in creating software for universal autonomy.

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