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Introducing the Innovation Lab

Are you an early adopter looking to work with us to carry out proof of concept trials? Enter the Innovation Lab and take the opportunity to integrate these innovative solutions into your systems and influence the development of these new products for your application, before their formal launch.

What is the Innovation Lab?
The Innovation Lab is home to new products and the latest radar-based innovations to our technologically advanced and adaptable radar detection systems. These developments are inspired by key customer insights and brought-to-life by our in-house product management and R&D teams. Technical details about the new products and services for AdvanceGuard, ClearWay, and OEMSensors will be available in the Innovation Lab, including data from our trials and preliminary datasheets.

“The Innovation Lab is an exciting opportunity to share both our recent innovations and upcoming developments of our high-performance radar systems, alongside our integrated solutions with other best-in-class companies. We want to use this platform to share our ethos of continuous improvement, which is built into Navtech Radar’s DNA. We aim to imagine and build systems to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, and hope that by sharing our development we can bring others on that journey with us.”

Seb Baucutt, ClearWay Product Manager at Navtech Radar

About Navtech Radar

Founded in 1999 by Philip Avery and Dr. Stephen Clark, Navtech Radar is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of commercially deployed radar solutions that constantly innovates to deliver on the potential of radar. This drive to innovate is at the core of what we do, which is why we are launching the Innovation Lab, a place for sharing innovation and new products, to meet the unique challenges in highways, security and industrial automation applications.

If you would like to learn more about our latest innovations and pioneering technology, enter the Innovation Lab.

Enter the Innovation Lab