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Radar Effective in Animal Detection

Due to all-weather performance, scanning radar systems are now a de-facto technology to protect sensitive areas like airports and control the movement of vehicles and people within and beyond the perimeter. However, in several installations, radar have proven to be effective in detecting animals.

Security Radar can cover an area of up to three kilometres in diameter for vehicles and two kilometres for people. Signal processing software allows objects to be tracked and PTZ cameras can be cued to follow the movement. Animals can be detected depending on their size; the bigger the animal the further the detection limit; and similarly for people and cars, their movement is tracked by Navtech’s Software Witness™ from a control centre.

In various installations at airports and secure sites, radar have detected deer as well as rabbits, foxes and birds. Radar systems are used exclusively for wildlife detection is some cases.  To reduce the potential of collisions, Navtech Radar sensors have been installed to detect and track these wild animals. When an animal is detected approaching the road, a flashing light promptly warns drivers of the imminent risk.

The AdvanceGuard perimeter intrusion detection system can be used for animal detection, and can even filter out small animals to reduce false alarms.