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Marine Industry Insight: Charting a course for marine automation and the role of radar

Traditional marine radar has been widely adopted across the industry and plays a critical role for navigation in all weather conditions. More recently, with the shift towards autonomy, emerging requirements are demanding higher resolution imaging capabilities. W-band radars provide the maritime industry with a new solution using tried and tested technology which is widely accepted.

This Marine report examines a range of situations from offshore environments increasingly cluttered with infrastructure, including windfarms and floating 5G, to nearshore and inland waterways where the cost of congestions and collision can be of truly international proportions.

A real world case study of a trial with BAE systems is included alongside discussion on key applications including:

  •  GNSS-denied navigation through radar only localisation
  •  Small target obstacle detection and tracking in congested water ways
  • Infrastructure and GNSS free dynamic positioning
  • Autonomous berthing using radar and GNSS fusion .