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Join our upcoming CPD webinar: Securing wide areas

Securing wide areas: integrated solutions for 5-kilometre detection ranges

In the current security environment, protecting vital infrastructure extends beyond the surveillance of entry points. Unique challenges are presented in remote locations, such as shorelines or vast areas, where conventional fencing may prove insufficient. Comprehensive strategies provided by integrated security solutions are crucial to addressing these challenges effectively. Detection and tracking technologies become essential to guarantee complete situational awareness and resilience in such remote zones.

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In this webinar, Mike Dewar, Security Sales Executive at Navtech and Rob Turner, Sales Manager at Silent Sentinel, will discuss how integrated security solutions overcome the limitations of traditional methods and ensure robust protection for critical infrastructure in remote areas. During the Q&A, you will have the opportunity to ask about the benefits of an ISS for your specific challenge.

Join our CPD-accredited webinar, where we will be covering the following:

  • Achieving full situational awareness for wide area surveillance, emphasising remote areas.
  • Understanding the synergy of complementary technologies like cameras, PSIM, Radar, VMS, and Perimeter Fences in integrated security solutions.
  • Implementing comprehensive solutions encompassing water and land detection in site design, extending security beyond perimeter limitations.
  • Navigating critical infrastructure regulations and their particularities, including detection and classification.
  • Exploring the role of AI in enhancing security measures for remote and challenging areas.

Mike Dewar, Security Sales Executive at Navtech Radar

Rob Turner, Sales Manager at Silent Sentinel