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ITS UK visit Navtech Radar

What do we have to look forward to in the ITS sector in 2024?

It’s a fascinating and exciting sector. ITS is conservatively worth £1.5 billion to the UK economy and has £15 billion worth of economic potential. Looking to 2024, there’s a huge amount of opportunity in the Road Investment Strategy, RIS3, which is National Highways funding pot for 2025 to 2030. In RIS3, we are going to see a lot of investment in technology.

Of course we have the Automated Vehicle bill going through Parliament at the moment, and also we have funding for local authorities in terms of traffic signals – about £70 million – including a chunk of that for the innovative uses of traffic solutions. So, there’s a huge amount of opportunity in this sector. Then, looking even more into the future, we’ve got ITS World Congress 2027 in Birmingham, a major event where the global ITS market will be coming to the UK. So, there’s a huge amount going on, and it’s a really exciting time.

“The big thing that was a surprise to me about radar technology was just how much more it can do than just stopped vehicle detection.”

Max Sugarman, ITS UK CEO

What did you learn about Navtech Radar that you didn’t know before your visit on behalf of ITS UK?

The big thing that was a surprise to me about radar technology was just how much more it can do than just stopped vehicle detection. We saw examples of how it can do pedestrian identification, wrong-way driving, debris location, and so much more, including help with traffic analytics and management of the road network. There’s a huge amount of benefit from using radar technology and of course stopped vehicle detection is one application, but there’s much more that can be done with it. That was a really eye-opening moment for me. What I’ve also seen is just how much quality and focus Navtech put into all their products, and the huge amount of testing that goes into every single radar.

How can businesses like Navtech benefit from joining ITS UK?

We’ve got a range of opportunities for businesses to get into the market at ITS UK. Ultimately, we focus on four things. Firstly, making connections: helping people network and share intelligence. The second one is representing the industry to Government and senior stakeholders. The third is helping to support exports and I know that Navtech Radar export all around the world. We really want to help increase the UK’s presence in overseas markets. Finally, it’s about celebrating the sector through awards and promotion of what the industry does. It’s a really exciting time for ITS, so I would say to anyone thinking about joining ITS UK, it’s a really good time to. And we’ll help in terms of promoting all the things you do and putting you in touch with the people that matter.

With thanks to ITS UK for visiting us.

The visit included a tour of our world-class production facilities where our radar are built and rigorously tested before being shipped around the globe to improve safety

If you would also like to visit our facilities and learn about our 360° ITS technology, please contact us at

About ITS UK

Intelligent Transport Systems UK (ITS UK) is the voice of the transport technology industry. ITS UK provides a national platform to support the roll out of technology for a cleaner, safer and more effective transport network, both at home and abroad. We support our 150+ members – from both the private and public sector, and covering all sizes and disciplines – through advocacy to policy makers, connecting people and organisations, promoting the industry overseas and supporting innovation across the intelligent transport ecosystem.

About Navtech Radar

Navtech Radar innovates with radar to deliver world-first capabilities in highway safety, critical national infrastructure security and industrial automation. Its solutions provide reliable performance in all conditions and push the boundaries of what is traditionally possible, using its unique radar technology.

Navtech is now part of Halma PLC, acquired after a period of rapid growth. A FTSE 100 company, Halma is a global group of around 45 technology companies who work with a shared purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future.