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Launching the KTS Radar

ClearWay for Korea

We’re pleased to announce our newest radar, the KTS350-X, has just been certified for use in Korea. At Navtech Radar, we’re continuously innovating. This new ClearWay radar is designed to meet local frequency requirements in Korea and is the culmination of two years’ work by our engineers.

Making the world’s highways safer

Our ClearWay technology provides fully automated detection and tracking of highway activity. In fact, it is currently in use in over 46 countries worldwide. The new KTS radar will enable the introduction of ClearWay’s safety and efficiency features, such as stopped vehicle detectionautomatic incident detection, hard shoulder monitoring and traffic flow analysis, to more parts of the world.

High performance radar

The KTS350-X has a whole new radar design so that it can operate in the Ka band frequency range and meet the same specifications and high performance of our 77GHz market-proven CTS radar. Our radars perform faultlessly in adverse weather and environmental conditions, when they are needed most. A single radar can detect up to 500 metres in all directions, and is easily integrated into existing road infrastructure, with minimal infrastructure requirements. We offer global support and can rapidly commission systems remotely. 

Opening new markets

The new radar has already received approval from Korean authorities and is ready for export. We are working to bring the KTS to other new markets too. The new, lower frequency radar is suitable for use in the US, where FCC certification is currently pending.