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ICRA: Sensor Questions Answered

ICRA: Sensor Questions Answered

We had many interesting questions about our sensors for autonomous vehicles and industrial automation at ICRA2019.

For those who were not able to join us, we wrote this article to share the answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Also find sample data, videos and information on CAS unit pre-orders.

1. What is the data output rate of the sensors?

The data is dependent on the maximum range required but varies between 11Mbps – 38Mbps.

2. What type of data is produced?

The data produced by the radars is FFT Data. This is amplitude and range.

3. What is the range of the sensors and what is the resolution at full range?

The range of the new CAS sensor is up to 275m radius. The operating range or the CIR sensor is up to 500m radius. Please note, this is dependent on the target size at this range.

4. What is the price?

Please contact our sales team at for cost enquiries.

5. What software is available?

Navtech is working in partnership with Oxbotica, to provide data processing software for odometry and localisation. This addresses some of the more challenging aspects of processing radar data and will allow people to fast track their adoption of radar technology.

6. What is the benefit of radar over lidar?

Radar works in adverse weather, environmental and light conditions. E.g. fog, complete darkness, rain, snow, dust and dirt.

7. What are the future development plans

We are continually developing our sensors to better meet customer requirements. Future developments are likely to include more compact units, faster update rates and higher resolution.

8. Are there any moving parts?

As with lidar and other wide field of view sensors, it is common to have some moving parts. The Navtech sensors have a passive rotating reflector but no active moving parts. This has been optimised over the past 20 years in multiple harsh industrial environments. The sensors have a service life of 5 years and an MTBF life of 9 years.

9. How long has Navtech been in automation?

Navtech Radar have been providing high resolution and high performance sensors specifically for industrial environments since 1999.

Pre-production Units
We are now taking pre-orders

Navtech is committed to making this critical sensing technology available to the industrial automation and autonomous vehicle market. We have a limited number of units available for January 2020. Please contact us for more details on pre-ordering a sensor.

Download a sample data. Select the ‘ArdingtonRadarData’ zip then select ‘show sample data.

Sample Data

For further technical information, please visit technical specifications.

Sensors specifications