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Guaranteed performance with Navtech Radar

Navtech Radar's solutions are built to work faultlessly, for guaranteed performance

We have always ensured any project designed by us has guaranteed high-performance and delivered to the client’s expectations. Our commitment to our clients means that we take responsibility for the results and go above and beyond to make sure the system performs as designed.

Guaranteed performance has been the ethos of our project delivery team for years, however we haven’t until now communicated to the ‘outside world’.

“Based on our extensive experience of delivering complex products around the globe, Navtech is prepared to offer a performance guarantee for projects where Navtech carries out a detailed site survey and then mutually agrees with the customer the final system performance. 

In order for Navtech to offer the guarantee, a site survey must be performed by Navtech. During the site survey, the performance of the system will be determined. The performance will then be mutually agreed with the customer and will form the basis of the Site Acceptance Test for the final installation. This performance will be guaranteed.”

Philip Avery, Managing Director at Navtech Radar