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Countdown to Autonomy

We are thoroughly excited to announce that together with Oxbotica, we will soon be releasing a groundbreaking radar-based navigation and perception solution.

Oxbotica and Navtech have been developing an innovative product behind closed doors that will provide centimetre-level accuracy in both long and cross-track directions. The industrial-grade system will be self-contained allowing for full localisation independent of infrastructure or a GPS signal.

The product will enable autonomy in both on-road and off-road locations such as mines, ports and airports. The Navtech Radar permits the vehicle to operate uninterruptedly in all weather and environmental conditions despite rain, fog, dust, even operating in the dark. This allows it to go above and beyond where the human sensors would fail, increasing safety and productivity levels that are un-matched using existing sensors.

Navtech’s patented technology sensors draw on over 20 years of market-leading expertise, with global installations in over 46 countries.

Phil Avery, CEO of Navtech, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Oxbotica on this project. Despite the potential of radar very few companies have successfully developed the necessary algorithms to use it properly. Oxbotica are world leaders in this area and together with our high-performance radars sensors we believe the resulting system will deliver a step change in the performance available for all weather all environment localisation and perception. This is crucial for automation in more challenging environments such as mines and ports.”

Ozgur Tohumcu, Chief Executive Officer at Oxbotica, added:

“Navtech is a fantastic partner with their unbeatable track record of producing autonomy sensors – powering off-road autonomy around the world for nearly two decades. Incoming demand from customers and our own market research prove that there will be wide applications of this product addressing both on-road and off-road deployments.”