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Terran360 for autonomous vehicle localisation

Unlock the full potential of your automation processes with reliable and pinpoint-accurate localisation

Performing to a centimetre accuracy, our world-leading radar localisation solution enables an autonomous vehicle to answer the fundamental question: “Where Am I?”, in even the harshest environments.

Offering you a competitive advantage like never before, Terran360 is a sophisticated radar localisation solution that helps you unlock the full potential of your entire autonomous operation. Increase your safety, efficiency and productivity with next generation autonomy that enables you to pinpoint the accurate location of your vehicle, with proven reliability in even the harshest conditions and environments. 

The complex made simple

With a single 360°, long-range radar and the ability to easily integrate into your existing autonomy stack, this off-the shelf solution offers a quick and cost-effective implementation, to simplify and complement your existing solutions for the long-term.

  • Mapping is simple and infrastructure-free. From a single drive through the site, the solution collects the data needed to map your environment.
  • Initialises and then localises at any point with no external seed.  So your vehicle is not limited to a set starting position and your system is unaffected in the case of an interruption to your operations or when initialising deep underground.
  • Frame-to-frame motion estimation is performed using only data from the radar. This means total independence from all other sensing modalities.

Underpinned by decades of experience in delivering radar solutions for mission-critical applications, Terran360 is trusted to perform, giving you total safety with world-leading technology.

“We are extremely proud to launch this outstanding product for commercial use, offering a radar localisation solution never seen before. Thanks to decades of experience in delivering radar solutions for safety and mission-critical applications together with Oxa’s world-leading autonomy software platform, Terran360 is trusted to answer the fundamental question for autonomous vehicles: “Where am I?”, everywhere, every time.”
Philip Avery, Founder and Managing Director at Navtech Radar
“We are delighted to launch Terran360 in collaboration with Navtech. We are bringing a game-changing localisation system to market that gives operators and manufacturers a new way to answer the crucial autonomy question of “Where am I?” – and one that is unimpeded by environment or place.”
Paul Newman, Founder and CTO at Oxa
About the Navtech-Oxa partnership

The solution combines Navtech’s all-weather, 360°, high resolution radar sensor technology with the best-in-class Oxa autonomous vehicle software platform to deliver centimetre accurate localisation unseen before in the autonomous world — in all weathers and environmental conditions. The result is Terran360. A sophisticated radar localisation solution that helps you unlock the full potential of your entire autonomous operation, offering you a competitive advantage like never before.