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ClearWay selected for major highway corridor in Maryland, US

Navtech’s highway safety system, ClearWay, has been selected as the automatic incident detection (AID) technology for a major highway corridor in Maryland. It will provide multiple capabilities to improve journeys and advance safety on the US highway. Chosen due to its increased functionality against the AID  specification, ClearWay will deliver Stopped Vehicle Detection, Automatic Incident Detection, Count and Classify, Slow Vehicle Detection and Wrong-way Driver Detection.

What’s different about Navtech’s ITS technology?

When you need a highway safety system that works in all weather conditions, ClearWay is the best technology available. It finds a stopped vehicle or wrong-way driver in seconds. The same system can provide other actionable data to deliver further improvements, such as vehicle count and classification, automatic incident detection, and hard shoulder monitioring — to name a few.

  • Works in poor visibility when you need it most
  • 360° coverage across long lengths of highway
  • Multiple capabilities from a single system

ClearWay is deployed on highways and in tunnels from Sweden to Australia, New Zealand and America. Field-proven to be effective over large national schemes covering 200+ miles, with high detection and low false alarm rates, it delivers a level of operational performance that makes any road significantly safer and more efficient.

KTS radar for the US

In August 2020, Navtech introduced the KTS radar to its range making its highways safety system available for use in the US. The KTS-350 is FCC certified and has been specially designed by the company’s in-house research and development team to operate in the Ka Band to meet local frequency requirements. Technical specifications are available.

About Navtech

Navtech Radar innovates with radar to deliver world-first capabilities in highways safety, critical national infrastructure security and industrial automation. Its solutions provide reliable performance in all conditions and push the boundaries of what is traditionally possible, using its unique radar technology. Navtech is now part of Halma PLC, acquired after a period of rapid growth. A FTSE 100 company, Halma is a global group of around 45 technology companies who work with a shared purpose to grow a safer, cleaner, healthier future

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