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Enhanced airside security through Navtech AdvanceGuard and Dallmeier Hemisphere integration

Navtech is thrilled to announce the integration of our cutting-edge AdvanceGuard for Airports solution with Dallmeier’s sophisticated Hemisphere software suite. This powerful combination provides airport operators with a robust solution for enhancing airside security, addressing a wide array of threat scenarios at a reduced total cost of ownership. 

Maintaining secure and efficient airport operations is crucial, and airside security is a key aspect of this. Potential threats range from disruptions by activists to serious terrorist activities. By integrating Navtech’s radar technology with Dallmeier’s Hemisphere software, airports can deploy an optimal solution to significantly bolster their security measures. 

Reliable detection and friend or foe differentiation

Our AdvanceGuard high-resolution sensors are designed to automate critical airside tasks, including general perimeter protection, critical part line monitoring, runway incursion detection, surface movement radar (SMR), and foreign object debris (FOD) detection. With the ability to create multiple virtual zones and provide early alerts, AdvanceGuard enhances proactive threat management. The system’s friend or foe integration ensures a clear distinction between legitimate and non-legitimate activities, thus reducing false alarms and boosting operator confidence. The long-range 360° sensors cover extensive areas with minimal infrastructure, ensuring both cost efficiency and effective deployment. 

Seamless automatic tracking and streamlined event management

Upon detecting intruders, Navtech’s Security Solution seamlessly controls connected cameras, enabling visual verification and efficient tracking of intruders. The bi-directional integration with Dallmeier’s Hemisphere software suite ensures a powerful workflow for managing alarms. Operators can handle incidents from either system, streamlining the response process and enhancing overall security effectiveness, instilling confidence in the system’s performance. 

Ensuring maximum security performance 

The combined solution from Navtech and Dallmeier minimises human error and elevates security performance by merging two superior technologies. Our long-standing expertise in airport security solutions guarantees a high level of user-friendliness and reliability.  

This collaboration highlights our dedication to delivering innovative and effective security solutions to meet the evolving challenges of modern airport operations. 

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