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AdvanceGuard Now on Mobile Devices

We’re proud to introduce the new AdvanceGuard Web Interface.

Over the last few months, our software team have made it their mission to develop a Web Interface for AdvanceGuard, our market-leading wide area surveillance solution, and make it available on mobile devices. Now you can access AdvanceGuard via your web browser on mobiles, tablets and desktops. It works on any networked device with an internet connection.

What does this mean for you?

1. Full situational awareness wherever you are

AdvanceGuard pinpoints the exact location of intruders on an overhead map of your site and shows you their direction and speed of movement, while automatically directing your cameras to track the targets. Now with AdvanceGuard accessible from any mobile device, you get full situational awareness wherever you are.

2. Enables faster response times

AdvanceGuard is already deployed in 80+ locations in the world. Our market-leading surveillance system, combining high-definition radar technology and intelligent rules-based software, keeps track of unlimited targets. For every security breach, an alert is sent in real-time. With the new interface you can keep track of multiple alerts and verify threats with the click of a button at all times.

3. Easy set up and customisation

The web-based interface can be used on existing devices without needing to download any software. It can be easily integrated into most Video Management Systems and bespoke PSIM products too. From your mobile devices you can customise your site setting as required: switch between pre-defined site profiles, arm or disarm alarm zones and choose different map layers.

Use the new Web Interface to oversee the security of your site and make the most of AdvanceGuard‘s interactive features, wherever you are.

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