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New Wide Area Surveillance Case Study: Jersey Airport

AdvanceGuard enhances airport perimeter security at Bologna Airport

Bologna Airport chose Navtech Radar’s AdvanceGuard solution to increase their perimeter security protection. The security team rely on the radar-based solution to continuously monitor the perimeter and automatically alert them to intruders. Find out more in the Bologna Airport case study.

“AdvanceGuard’s reliability is higher than other systems. We can definitely say airport security conditions are better than before and our patrol can be employed on other tasks than to control the perimeter fence.” Luca Voltolini, Security Manager at Bologna Airport

About AdvanceGuard

AdvanceGuard provides a reliable, fully automated solution that delivers continuous wide-area and perimeter surveillance. From small sites to large complex compounds, AdvanceGuard provides the most comprehensive security surveillance system available. It is ideal for applications such as airport surveillancecritical national infrastructure and commercial installations.

Bologna Airport Case Study