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5km long-range ground surveillance radar

Long-range detection in all weather and light conditions.

5km radar ground surveillance sea
The challenge

For many mission-critical and wide-area sites, advance warning of marine-approach incursion and perimeter breaches is crucial. A fact that is increasingly reflected in regulatory and other specifications for surveillance systems. However, until recently, such locations have been relatively difficult to protect and compliance hard to achieve because both conventional radar systems and human guards have been restricted to areas within a couple of kilometres of the perimeter or critical area.

What is more, when conventional automated security solutions are applied in wide areas, along extended borders, or on sites that include both land and water surfaces, the cost of infrastructure can be prohibitive. In some cases, visibility is limited by the nature of the site or surroundings. Using human guards is sometimes an option, but this can be costly, dangerous and much less effective than an automated and integrated security system.

To overcome these challenges, Navtech Radar has developed a 5-kilometre radar sensor, for use with its innovative AdvanceGuard perimeter security solution. The new 5 km sensor is a long-range ground surveillance radar that provides market-leading, reliable detection of unlimited targets including land vehicles and watercraft. Each sensor rotates 360°, to cover a total area up to 79 km2.

How will it work?

The new sensor extends the capability and versatility of Navtech’s innovative AdvanceGuard perimeter security solution. When used with AdvanceGuard’s intelligent, rules-based software, the sensor can surveil 5 km in all directions from the perimeter, rotating 360° to cover up to 79 km2 per sensor.

The 5 km sensor works in all weather and light conditions, including complete darkness, sun glare, fog, snow, rain, sand- and dust-storms and extremes of temperature. It provides complete situational awareness of the approach to the perimeter, 24/7/365, across both land and water surfaces.

As part of the AdvanceGuard system, the new sensor can be easily integrated with existing systems including third-party cameras and VMS. This makes it ideal as part of an integrated security system, where it provides visualisation and real-time tracking of an unlimited number of targets to the same high resolution as other AdvanceGuard sensors. The intelligent software allows users to tag ‘friendly’ targets so that these do not trigger the system; this greatly reduces nuisance alarms and increases operators’ confidence in the system.

The 5 km sensor is competitively priced and comes with Navtech Radar’s unrivalled customer support, which runs from development to installation and beyond. Each installation is tailor-made for the client, and supported by Navtech for up to 10 years. In addition, the 5 km sensor is low-maintenance, with an interval of at least three years between services. Combined, these elements provide reduced downtime, lower overall costs of ownership and superb value with excellent product performance.
Key features of the new sensor include:

  • Detects, visualises and tracks pedestrians, swimmers, vehicles and watercraft on land and water surfaces to a distance of up to 5 km. 
  • Can differentiate legitimate activity from threat; can identify wildlife, debris, etc.
  • Works in all weather and light conditions, including total darkness, sun glare, sand- and dust-storms.
  • Easy to integrate with other systems via the AdvanceGuard API: ideal as part of an integrated security system.
  • Performance of all installations is guaranteed by Navtech Radar.

Expected technical performance

Navtech Radar’s new 5 km radar sensor, powered by AdvanceGuard software, will detect and track unlimited targets, including pedestrians, swimmers, vehicles and watercraft, at distances up to 5 km. Each sensor rotates 360° to provide constant situational awareness of events within 79km2, and operates in all conditions. This high-performance sensor is ideal as part of an integrated security system and to ensure regulatory compliance. Key benefits include:

  • High-performance product; each installation comes with a performance guarantee.
  • High-resolution visualisation of approaching people and traffic, at distances up to 5 km.
  • Fewer nuisance alarms.
  • Ample warning of impending incursion.
  • Aids regulatory compliance.
  • Provides excellent value with lower cost of ownership.

Preliminary trials of Navtech's AdvanceGuard 5km radar sensor

About AdvanceGuard

AdvanceGuard provides a reliable, cost-effective solution that provides continuous wide-area surveillance in all weather and lighting conditions. For large complex sites, AdvanceGuard provides the most comprehensive and accurate, fully automated security surveillance system available, with market-leading low false alarm rates. 

Simonas Mikuzis advanceguard product manager.jpg

Security Segment Leader

"Our new, high-performance, 5 km long-range ground surveillance radar is ideal as part of an integrated security system for wide-area sites and extensive borders, and in any location that needs constant situational awareness in all conditions. Please get in touch today to discuss its possible application on your site."

We are now looking for partners willing to work with us to carry out proof of concept trials for specific applications including airports, oil and gas sites, and other critical national infrastructure security.

As an early adopter of this technology, you will have the opportunity to influence the development of the solution for your application, prior to its formal launch. With experienced software, research and development, and commissioning teams at Navtech Radar, you can be assured we will work with you to meet your requirements. 

Contact us to discuss the opportunity to trial this new technology.

Article first published: 20/06/2023

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