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Surface Movement Radar (SMR)

Airport operators must monitor the movement on the ground of both aircraft and vehicles; this is to ensure the safety of people and assets, and to make sure correct route information is provided. Surface movement surveillance also underpins any advanced surface movement guidance and control system (A-SMGCS).

Navtech airport surface movement radar

Navtech Radar’s innovative airport SMR sensors automatically detect and track the location and movement of objects with great precision, in all weather and light conditions and in extreme temperatures. It provides extremely high-resolution imaging and tracks the movement of unlimited objectives simultaneously.
You can use these compact and robust sensors to create a distributed sensor network across the airfield; this provides 100% coverage of all areas and maximum reliability, with no single point of failure. The distributed network is flexible, with minimal structural requirements, so it can accommodate a changing airfield infrastructure.
Our surface movement radar can be installed as a stand-alone, non-cooperative sensor for detecting and tracking aircraft and vehicles integrated with the
ERIS-ATM system.

Surface Movement Radar

How does Navtech’s airport surface movement radar work?

  • Works in all weather and light conditions
  • Ideal for complex, busy sites
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare
  • Accurate data for air traffic control 

How does Navtech’s airport surface movement radar work?

Surface movement radar

 Surface movement radar detects vehicles and aircraft and tracks their movement on the surface of the airport. Navtech's sensors are integrated with ERA a.s.' advanced ERIS software (Air Traffic Management system), providing high resolution data for accurate surface movement detection. 

  • Vehicle and aircraft monitoring 
  • Accurate data for air traffic control 
  • All weather detection and sensing
  • Routing information to pilots and vehicles

Why choose Navtech's sensors for SMR applications?

  • Operate 24/7/365 in all conditions

Our SMR sensors work even in the darkness of night and in fog, snow, rain and sand. Built to withstand extreme temperatures.

  • Fast update rate

Update rates between 1-4 Hz dependent on specific site. Ideal for SMR applications. 

  • Fully automated operation

Works even in the darkness of night and extreme weather conditions.

  • Minimal infrastructure

Our radars scan 360º and sensors have an indicative range up to 3 km, so most sites need just a few. Find out more from our technical specifications page.

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