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Radar based localisation

Radar Based Localisation

Unlock the full potential of automation with Terran360 for proven accurate localisation – everywhere, every time. While the full potential of total automation is understood, the challenges faced by existing localisation technologies have been eroding trust and undermining what total automation can achieve. But that is now changing. Performing to a centimetre accuracy, our world-leading radar localisation solution enables an autonomous vehicle to answer the fundamental question “Where Am I?” in even the harshest environments. This level of consistent and continuous accuracy means you; your people; and your customers can be confident there are no weak links in your automation development journey, mapping the way to a safer and more productive future.


sensors in underground mining environments

Unrivalled availability

  • Unaffected by rain, fog, dust or dirt
  • 360° field of view
  • Single sensor solution
  • Fast referencing and mapping
  • GNSS free

High performance

  • Increases safety and productivity
  • Centimetre accurate localisation
  • Comprehensive and cost-efficient
  • Easy integration
  • Maintenance free for 10 years
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 How it works

Navtech’s high-performance radar technology combined with Oxbotica's world-leading autonomous vehicle software platform delivers unseen before centimetre accurate localisation, in all weathers and environmental conditions.

Multi-experience mapping 

Mapping is simple and infrastructure-free. From a single drive through the site, the solution collects the data needed to map your environment. By adding extra experiences to the map, the solution can intelligently choose the most accurate map to localise against as your site evolves.

Place recognition 

The solution can initialise and then localise at any point with no external seed, so your vehicle is not limited to a set starting position. This means the system is unaffected in the case of an interruption to your operations or when initialising deep underground.

Radar-only odometry 

Frame to frame motion estimation is performed using only data from the radar. This means total independence from all other sensing modalities.

Why choose Terran360 for localisation

  • Single sensor solution

360°, high-resolution, long-range radar builds a data-rich picture of the vehicle's surroundings.

  • All-weather operation
  • Industrial-grade compact sensor

Vibration resistant, IP67 certified the sensor is designed to operate in the harshest conditions.

  • Comprehensive and cost-effective

A stand-alone system with low cost implementation. Maintenance-free for 10 years.

  • Easy to integrate

Off-the-shelf solution which integrates into any autonomy stack.

Gain the Advantage

Fewer disruptions, increased efficiency, continuous productivity and total safety confidence.


Reliable in even the most challenging of environments, Terran360 is a pinpoint-accurate localisation solution that reduces the kind of downtime, disruptions and inefficiencies that impacts on your productivity. With increased accuracy and availability, the solution will ensure the performance of your autonomy operation so you can achieve more.  Improved speed, efficiency, productivity and safety will deliver you significant commercial benefits and a competitive advantage that was previously unachievable.

Proven in academic research and underpinned by decades of experience in delivering radar solutions for mission critical applications, Terran360 is trusted to perform, giving you total safety with world-leading technology.

Work with us

Whether you are new to radar or replacing existing sensors, our technical team will support you to make the most of our radar technology.

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