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Other Applications

Other Applications

Radar has long been recognised as the best sensor technology to deliver reliable performance in adverse environmental conditions. Radar technology is widely used in marine and aerospace environments for the very reason it should be used for autonomous vehicle applications. Providing an unrivalled level of availability in any environment, our sensors work in all-weather and light conditions so you can operate your site 24/7, safely and efficiently.

Terran360 is a partnership that brings together Oxa’s world-leading autonomy software platform and Navtech Radar’s experience in developing industry-leading, high-performance sensing solutions for mission critical applications. This sophisticated radar localisation solution helps you unlock the full potential of your entire autonomous operation, improving your speed, efficiency, productivity and safety, delivering you significant commercial benefits and a competitive advantage like never before.

All-weather operation

  • Fog, snow, rain, sand and dust storms
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Strong vibrations

High Performance

  • 360° field of view
  • Single sensor solution
  • Fast referencing
  • GNSS free
  • Maintenance free for 10 years

Typical Applications 

Navtech Radar has been delivering industrial radar sensors for automation solutions since 1999. This radar technology, now coupled with Oxa's world-leading autonomy software in our Terran360 solution, provides reliable localisation in the harshest of conditions.



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Trialled and Tested 

Various industrials sectors are using our radar to provide autonomy and localisation in the harshest conditions.

BAE Systems, Maritime

BAE Systems Maritime are conducting a research project to gather data and evaluate exercises on the River Thames to understand how autonomous vessels will operate safely in complex and congested marine environments. Navtech Radar are supporting this research, to help bring autonomy to vehicles in all-weather conditions. 

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Deutsche Bahn, Rail 

Deutsche Bahn, within the scope of the sector initiative “Digital Rail for Germany”, aims to use cutting-edge technology in order to increase capacity and reliability of the existing railway network, reduce operating costs and CO2 emissions and allow a higher level of flexibility in railway scheduling.

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Örebro University, Mining 

Örebro University have been researching radar as an autonomy solution for the harshest of conditions, such as mines. Radar has the ability to navigate in smoke and dust, where Lidar and visual cameras fail.

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Why choose Terran360 for Industrial Automation applications?

  • 360°, high-resolution, long-range radar processes more than 12 million data points per second, meaning you can achieve full localisation of your vehicle, using only a single sensor.
  • Unaffected by rain, fog, dust or dirt, our solution delivers precise localisation information everywhere, every time.
  • Mapping is simple and infrastructure-free. From a single drive through the site, the solution collects the data needed to map your site, unaffected by any seasonal or day-to-day changes in the scene. There’s no need to install physical beacons, markers or for complex calibration. By adding extra experiences to the map, the solution is able to intelligently choose the best and most accurate map to localise against as your site evolves.
  • The solution can initialise and then localise at any point with no external seed, so your vehicle is not limited to a set starting position. This means the system is unaffected in the case of an interruption to your operations or when initialising deep underground.
  • Frame to frame motion estimation is performed using only data from the radar, with no requirement of an external odometry. This means total independence from all other sensing modalities.
  • Since there is no dependence on GNSS, localisation can reliably be achieved in areas where satellite transmission is not available, such as underground or near large structures.

Work with us

Whether you are new to radar or replacing existing sensors, our technical team will support you to make the most of our radar technology.

To find out how Terran360 unlocks the full power of automation fill in this quick form and we will get back to you shortly. 

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