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Low False Alarm Rate

So-called ‘false’ or nuisance alarms are a common problem with conventional intruder alarm systems. They often cause substantial disruption and wate time, and frequent nuisance alarms may reduce operators’ trust in their system, making them less likely to respond promptly even when the threat is genuine.
AdvanceGuard, in contrast, reduces nuisance alarms to a minimum and allows operations to proceed without disruption until a genuine threat arises. Meanwhile, it provides constant and full situational awareness.

A perimeter radar surveillance system that minimises nuisance alarms

AdvanceGuard’s intelligent, rules-based software and market-leading radar technology minimise false alarm rates. Operators can easily configure the alarm rules to suit the site, for example telling the system to ignore small wildlife or authorised personnel and vehicles. In this way, AdvanceGuard detects true threats and minimises nuisance alarms, so operators are more likely to rely on the system and respond efficiently to alerts.

Restricted airport zones

Threat detection in all conditions

Critical zones used by advanced guard

How does AdvanceGuard reduce nuisance perimeter alarms?

The AdvanceGuard system identifies and tracks objects and analyses their behaviours. Operators in the control room can monitor this in real-time, ensuring an efficient response. In addition, the intuitive AdvanceGuard interface makes it easy for operators to set rules for their site, telling the system what to look out for and what to ignore. This further reduces the likelihood of false alarms, because it prevents nuisance alarms being triggered by authorised personnel and vehicles performing legitimate activities.

Why choose an AdvanceGuard intruder alarm system?

  • Unrivalled low false alarm rates

AdvanceGuard minimises nuisance alarms, which reduces disruption and encourages operators to trust the system.

  • Designed from experience

Navtech Radar has been manufacturing and delivering high-performance radar solutions since 1999. We have the experience to deliver a system with minimal false alarms that you can trust.

  • Quality Standards 

Navtech Radar is an award-winning British designer and manufacturer of commercially deployed radar detection solutions. The innovative AdvanceGuard system is created at Navtech’s own ISO 9001 certified facilities in the UK, to ensure the highest standards of quality.

AdvanceGuard only requires servicing once every three to five years. There is no cleaning required and once commissioned, the system does not require any further recalibration. This reduces cost of ownership.

  • Experienced team here to help

Wherever in the world an installation is, Navtech Radar’s customer support team can connect to it online and identify any issues.

Why our customers trust AdvanceGuard

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