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Data Output

Our industrial-grade radar sensors generate a signal that is transmitted out through an antenna into the environment. This signal is reflected off objects in the scene providing the radar with information about its surroundings to then process and deliver via ethernet. Our 360º scanning antenna transmits a signal in every single direction in the field of view. This is how we build up a data-rich image ready for full processing.
By splitting each azimuth into an array of radially spaced intensity values, the radar provides an extra dimension that other sensor technology does not. It is this technology that enables the radar to build a top-down, photo-like image.

How is the resolution achieved?

Resolution is the ability to distinguish between targets

Range Resolution
The ability to distinguish targets at different distances

Resolution is usually divided into two categories; range resolution and bearing resolution. 

The range resolution is defined by the frequency bandwidth and wavelength of the radar signal, the smaller the wavelength the better the range resolution. We operate in the mm range.

Azimuth or Bearing Resolution 
The ability to distinguish targets on different bearings


The range and angular resolution achieved leads to the resolution cell.

The size of the resolution cell is important to ensure our radar sensors give a high level of performance. The smaller the cell, or BIN size, the better as smaller objects or movements can be detected very quickly. 

What importance does the resolution have?

The best analogy for resolution is video imaging. The images below are a low-resolution and high-resolution version of the same image. You can see the smaller the cell size (as in the high resolution image), the clearer the distinguishable features are. This is the same for radar images.

Original Image

Original Image

Low Resolution

Low Resolution

High Resolution

High Resolution

Technical Specifications

Explore our radar sensors specifically designed for industrial applications.

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Why choose radar for industrial automation?

  • Compact design

Allows for easy handling and installation

  • Uninterrupted operation

Sensor performance is unaffected by all weather, lighting and environmental conditions

  • High-resolution imaging 

360°, high-resolution, long-range, data-rich radar sensor

  • Zero maintenance

Compact, rugged, industrial-grade sensor, designed to be maintenance free for 10 years

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