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Controlled and Restricted Zones

Many sites have controlled and restricted zones. The precise definition of these varies according to the industry or application involved, but all controlled and restricted zones are defined physical areas that only authorised people and vehicles – or, in the case of sterile zones, no people and no vehicles – may enter. In many cases, breach of these zones is risky and may prove harmful or even fatal.

Why use radar surveillance of controlled and restricted zones?

Many conventional intrusion software doesn’t identify intruders until they have already breached the restricted area’s perimeter. AdvanceGuard is different.
AdvanceGuard tells you when unauthorised people or vehicles are approaching your controlled zones before they actually intrude. It operates according to rules that you set, so you can easily control which parts of your site are restricted or controlled. AdvanceGuard monitors both sides of your perimeter, operates over land and water surfaces, and can tell differentiate authorised from unauthorised activity. So, not only does it warn you of impending intrusion before the event, but also it only alerts you if the activity is genuinely threatening. This minimises nuisance alarms.
We can install AdvanceGuard to work with your existing infrastructure, and it’s easy to integrate with third-party systems, cameras and sensors. Once in place, it can detect and track multiple intruders, on land and on water, giving you precise real-time locations throughout. This lets you respond swiftly and appropriately to any breach of a controlled zone perimeter.

Airports restricted area

AdvanceGuard for the surveillance of controlled areas

Threat detection and situational awareness

  • Distinguish authorised from unauthorised activity
  • Operates automatically to detect then track intruders
  • Tracks multiple people and vehicles at once
  • Scalable and configurable
Restricted airport zones

How does AdvanceGuard work to protect restricted zones?

AdvanceGuard’s scalable and configurable system can installed on existing infrastructure, to keep cost of ownership low, and may be fully customised to suit the needs of each application. You can establish controlled, restricted and sterile zones to ensure either limited access or no access at all. You decide where your site’s controlled zones start and end: you can establish virtual perimeters, or AdvanceGuard can detect intrusion at existing physical barriers.

Key features  

  • Automatically detects and tracks any threatening breach of restricted zones
  • Reliable performance in all weather and light conditions
  • Can tell ‘friend’ from ‘foe’, which minimises nuisance alarms
  • Detects and tracks activity on land and water surfaces
  • Alerts you before the perimeter is breached, the tracks intruders integration with third-party systems 

How does AdvanceGuard work in controlled and restricted zones?

  • Real-time threat analysis 

AdvanceGuard pinpoints the exact location of intruders approaching restricted-entry areas, along with their direction of movement and speed. It alerts you and tracks all intruders in real time.

High-resolution radar differentiates target size, meaning it can filter out small animals or permitted personnel and vehicles entering the controlled and restricted zones. This keeps false alarm rates low.

AdvanceGuard operates automatically in all weather and light conditions and, in the event of an incident, can control cameras, relays and other systems to ensure high quality and high resolution tracking and data capture. This leaves your personnel free to focus on a swift and appropriate response.

AdvanceGuard provides real-time tracking and lets you store and retrieve tracking histories.

Operators have great trust in the system and are ready to respond quickly when an alarm is generated.

Why our customers trust AdvanceGuard

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