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All Weather Conditions

Not all detection systems are able to withstand or function in adverse weather conditions. Snow, fog and heavy rain can alter how well detection systems and cameras operate. These harsh weather conditions cause major incidents if problems such as wildlife or debris are not detected instantly.

ClearWay is unaffected by such weather conditions. The system also operates in all light levels, ranging from the suns glare to complete darkness. This allows for a fast response time for any incidents which occur and minimises the potential for loss of life.

Detection Conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare
Image of six different weather conditions - smoke, fire, water, glare, darkness and fog which ClearWay can operate in.

How does it work?

In the control room, operators can see the exact location of vehicles, pedestrians and debris, throughout the event, regardless of weather or light conditions.  In the event of an incident such as a stopped vehicle, the software generates an alarm in the control room. This allows operators to intervene accordingly, such as changing speed limits and closing lanes. The system can be integrated with third-party cameras, which can be controlled by the software if required. 

The system can be used in locations such as tunnels where there is minimal light. It can control ventilation in these locations in the event of a fire. The low false alarm rate and the fast response time make ClearWay a reliable system, trusted by the operators and recommended by independent consultants.

Why Choose ClearWay for all Weather and Light Detection?

  • Lighting control 

ClearWay can operate fully in complete darkness. The system can dim the lighting in tunnels during quiet periods, saving energy but retaining full visibility. 

  • Ventilation control 

The system can be integrated into the ventilation control system. This will propell flames and smoke in the opposite direction of the road users' evacuation path, subsequently reducing the level of smoke exposure.

  • Rapid alerts to operators

In the event of poor driving conditions such as fog, ClearWay alerts operators within ten seconds, and could be configured to activate highway warning signs. Operators can choose to temporarily lower the speed limit to reduce the likelihood of an incident due to poor visibility. 

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