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Past Industrial Automation Events


Past Industrial Automation Events

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Radar Solutions for Industrial Automation

Navtech Radar’s Robust Automation Sensors (RAS), are market-leading, long-range, millimetre wave radars. With a 360° field of view, they provide ultra high-resolution radar images in all weather, light, and environmental conditions. As a result, they overcome some of the fundamental limitations of other sensing technologies.

Our radars provide a live view of their environment, presenting solid or reflective objects distinctly from their surroundings. The high-resolution sensors produce output in either streamed ‘radar video’ or as a network source of range and bearing point data. Compact in design, yet engineered to withstand extreme vibration and temperatures, it is the most reliable sensor for use in industrial automation applications, delivering unrivalled outdoor sensing for automation and providing critical data when it’s needed most.

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Previous Industrial Automation Events
Webinar: How is Navtech Radar opening up opportunities for system integrators within mining?

If you missed the chance to watch our live webinar, click here to watch the recording as we discuss some of the issues faced by the mining industry when adopting automation.

WA Mining Conference & Exhibition 2023

Exhibiting with our Australian Mining partner, Teksal Safety, we showcased our latest Rugged Automation Sensors (RAS) and anti-collision system, SafeGuard.

AIMEX 2023

The premier mining exhibition, AIMEX is the perfect place to showcase how Navtech Radar is revolutionising processes and site operations in mining across the world.

Ocean Business 2023

Ocean Business 2023 presented an exciting opportunity for Navtech to carry out a live demonstration upon a boat. Showing real-time radar data providing 360° situational awareness, as well as centimetre-accurate odometry and positioning.

Bauma 2022

The biggest show for the construction, mining and agriculture machinery and vehicles sector, visit Bauma to experience the very latest in radar technology and see how you can unleash the power of automation.

iVT 2022

iVT Expo is an international exhibition showcasing the latest industrial vehicle components, suppliers and technologies. We discussed the benefits of radar technology as an autonomous sensor.

ICRA 2022

Navtech launched the RAS3 Sensor, specifically developed for autonomous vehicles, at ICRA 2022 - the flagship conference of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

iVT Expo Virtual LIVE 2021

At the iVT Expo virtual event Navtech presented a talk with our technology partners, Oxbotica: Enabling radar localisation for reliable positioning of autonomous off-road vehicles.

CogX Festival 2021

Our panel discussion discussed how our strategic partnership with Oxbotica has enabled us to develop a unique all-weather localisation solution for autonomous vehicles.

Webinar: Introducing the new Navtech-Oxbotica radar localisation solution

In this candid online event Navtech Radar and Oxbotica discussed how they joined forces to develop a new radar based localisation solution that is unlocking the full potential of automation with proven accurate localisation, even in the harshest conditions and environments.

World of Drones and Robotics Congress

The World of Drones Congress (WoDaRC) is the largest drone Congress in the Asia Pacific region, connecting stakeholders with the latest industry developments, applications and policies. Navtech joined the WoDaRC 2020 virtual Tech Expo, to showcase our radar technology to Congress delegates.

ICRA 2020

A virtual event, ICRA showcased the latest research and developments in robotics and automation. Navtech demonstrated how our high-definition radar sensors for industrial automation and autonomous vehicles work in all environments, all the time, for reliable detection when you need it most.

CAV at CSC 2019

Understand connected autonomous vehicles (CAV) and autonomous vehicles at the CAV @ CSC event. The event marked the opening of the new Pit Lane development at Culham Science Centre.

ICRA 2019

ICRA is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s flagship conference. Navtech demoed our OEM sensors and SafeGuard smart sensing solution for autonomous applications

ICRA 2018

A technical tour of the Port of Brisbane showed our radars in action. Plus ORI's presented a paper on Navtech Radar technology applied for autonomous vehicles.