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Industrial Automation and Autonomous Vehicles

Our world-leading sensors work in all environments, all the time. Industrial-grade radar sensors, they have been enabling the automation of industrial sites around the world since 1999, and are used in pioneering autonomous vehicle research. 

For automation in challenging conditions

They provide reliable performance in adverse conditions, when other sensors fail. Rain, fog, dust or dirt, nothing can stop them. The high-resolution, 360°, long-range radar builds a data-rich picture of its surroundings. Working beyond the limits of a person’s capability, our sensors can see when humans can’t, adding an extra layer of safety to challenging environments. With their unrivalled availability, you can operate your site 24/7 safely and efficiently. 

Our sensors are fully ROS compatible, quick to integrate and give you full access to the radar’s raw data. Whether you’re looking to collaborate to develop an automated solution for industrial application or you’re looking for a technology partner for your research, we will support you to make the most of our radar sensors.

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SafeGuard is a stand-alone, smart sensing solution for challenging obstacle detection and collision avoidance applications. SafeGuard combines the high-resolution CIR sensor with embedded radar processing and control software, all accessible over a simple web interface. Radar has long been recognised as the best sensor technology to deliver reliable performance in adverse environmental conditions. You can rely on our sensors when you need them the most. Find out more about the sensors.


The Compact Industrial Radar (CIR) is specifically designed for use in challenging industrial environments. With its unrivalled availability, the high-resolution, 360°, long-range radar improves efficiency in the most challenging conditions. The industrial-grade sensor can be used to provide accurate range and bearing information, enabling applications such as collision avoidance and volumetric measurement. Find out more about the sensor


The Compact Automation Sensor (CAS) is a miniaturised edition of the CIR sensor. With its rugged design, it is ideal for use on vehicles and mobile industrial equipment. Its high-resolution, 360° radar covers a vehicle's entire surrounding area and performs reliably in all weather, lighting and environmental conditions, operating when other sensors fail. It can be used for critical sensing, localisation and navigation. Find out more about the sensor

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