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New Örebro University Case Study

Navtech OEMSensor trialled for autonomous vehicles in low visibility

Örebro University selected the Navtech Radar OEM sensor to trial in their research into autonomous and teleoperated machinery. Focusing on the harshest of conditions, such as mines, they needed a sensor that would operate faultlessly in dust, dirt and low visibility. 

Örebro  is a major player in progressing the field of localisation and mapping, carrying out extensive research using a range of sensing and detecting equipment such as Lidar and visual cameras. After reading about Navtech in the Oxford Radar RobotCar Dataset project delivered by Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI), they were keen to test our radar as an autonomy sensor for themselves.

“Compared to other sensors we have worked with, the Navtech radar provided excellent performance out of the box and was easy to integrate with standard robot software frameworks. We are looking forward to working much more with this sensor in the future, which will surely make low-visibility navigation considerably easier.”

Martin Magnusson, Associate Professor at Örebro University

About Örebro University

Örebro University currently ranks in the top 400 universities in the world according to Times Higher Education 2021. They have a strong focus on collaboration and innovation, with 36 individual research subjects that collaborate in wider research groups or environments. The Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS) is a renowned research environment performing research into autonomous systems, located at the university. 

The AASS is known internationally for its expertise within artificial intelligence and robotics, and their integration. It has a strong tradition of working together in close collaboration with industrial partners in Sweden and around the world. They are currently working with world-leading companies including Atlas CopcoVolvo Construction EquipmentLinde Material Handling and Kollmorgen Automation AB to develop autonomous vehicles for industrial and professional industries.

Case Study

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