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Navtech Radar trial at Jersey Airport

Ground surveillance radar trial at Jersey Airport

Over the last few weeks Jersey airport has been trialling Navtech Radar’s ground surveillance AdvanceGuard® system, in an attempt to find the best solution for detecting incursions into the CP (Critical Part) area of the airport. AdvanceGuard is the industries smartest and most accurate security solution, able to work in the hottest deserts or coldest winters. Fibre Technologies Limited are working in partnership with Navtech, who have developed a new mobile platform that can be rapidly deployed at any location to demonstrate the systems capabilities.

Navtech’s AdvanceGuard® is fully automatic, using state of the art Intelligent Behavioural Analysis to detect and classify threats, which then automatically cue cameras to point at a potential intruder and alert guards before the CP boundary is breached. The exact location of any intruder is provided, anywhere on the site, both inside and outside of the perimeter, any time of day and in all weather conditions.

High definition, ground surveillance radar systems provide a reliable, low cost solution that deliver continuous automatic perimeter surveillance. They are ideally suited to airport environments and provide the most comprehensive security detection system available. Coupled with Navtech’s new friend or foe solution, it is possible to fully optimise the system and operators time by ensuring that all alerts triggered are genuine threats, rather than nuisance alarms generated by authorised personnel and vehicles.

Fibre Technologies were invited to participate in the trial after airport representatives from the company had witnessed the Navtech system’s capabilities at White Waltham, a demonstration site that interested parties are invited to attend, in order to fully understand the potential of radar in wide area surveillance.

Contact us now if you would like to see a live demonstration!