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AdvanceGuard combines perimeter security surveillance and surface movement

Navtech Radar expands AdvanceGuard to combine perimeter security surveillance and surface movement into a single radar-based solution for airports.

  • Airports can combine their security and surface movement requirements with Navtech Radar’s AdvanceGuard radar-based solution.
  • AdvanceGuard’s distributed system architecture with 360º coverage as standard, enables maximum coverage with high resolution detection and tracking.
  • Navtech Radar to showcase AdvanceGuard solutions at Airport Security 2015, 17-18 November, 2015 Barcelona.

Oxford – 28th October 2015

Navtech Radar, the world’s leading manufacturer of radar-based perimeter security detection for airports, has announced that it has combined perimeter surveillance and surface movement into a single radar solution.  The two applications running concurrently receive the same data from a shared array of radar sensors positioned across the airfield to provide maximum coverage. The patented, high resolution, 360º scanning radar sensors, operate in all weathers with a very low false alarm rate.  Navtech has over 10 years of experience in providing surface movement and perimeter security systems for airports around the world.

Traditionally, airport operators have needed to purchase both a system to monitor airfield security and a system to monitor surface movement of aircraft, ground vehicles, and personnel. Navtech’s innovative solution combines these into a single system where information from the radar sensors is made available to multiple processing applications.

“The advantage to the airfield”, explains Philip Avery, Navtech’s Managing Director, “is that most of the expense is in the radar hardware and installation. By using the same radar array, with two applications, the costs are reduced significantly”. Adding later, Avery says “The high resolution of the Navtech solution with 360º coverage as standard, delivers best in class resolution of around 25cm providing unrivalled target differentiation in complex environments.“
At Sardinia’s Cagliari International Airport, Navtech’s most recent deployment of AdvanceGuard, Mario Orru, Cagliari’s Infrastructure Director, comments on the experience of working with Navtech Radar, “The Navtech team were easy to work with and have provided a very good level of service.” This feedback is consistent with other airports that have installed AdvanceGuard, such as Bristol who contributed to a video on the Navtech’s web site .

The announcement of the combined approach for surface movement and security applications coincides with the Airport Security 2015 event from 17-18 November 2015. Representatives from Navtech Radar will be attending the show in Barcelona.
To organise a meeting with Navtech Radar at Airport Security, please visit  and click on the events link.
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About Navtech Radar

Navtech Radar is the forerunner in the design and manufacture of high resolution, cost-effective security and safety systems, which combine the company’s patented radar technology with sophisticated analytical software. Navtech offers an impressive application portfolio which includes wide-area security surveillance, surface movement, traffic management and incident detection as well as industrial automation, branded respectively as AdvanceGuard, ClearWay and SafeGuard.
Navtech Radar has gained a well-deserved reputation for technology, service excellence and innovation, winning the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2010. In 2013 the company’s AdvanceGuard AGS1600 was awarded the Independent Detektor International Award as highly commended product in the Alarm & Control category.