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A powerful integration for automatic perimeter security

Navtech Radar introduces the AdvanceGuard® integration with the Dallmeier Multifocal Sensor System Panomera®, combining high resolution radar technology with a pc based camera panning system, for automatic wide-area surveillance

AdvanceGuard has been installed in over 40 airports worldwide providing automatic perimeter security that operators can rely on for its industry leading low false alarm rate. The high-resolution radar sensors provide clarity, enabling tracking and differentiation between two targets as close together as 15cm.

The ‘friend or foe’ feature automatically highlights authorised personnel on site and eliminates any nuisance alarms as they move through secure areas.

Within seconds of an intruder being detected, AdvanceGuard automatically controls cameras to continuously track it. The multi-focal sensor system Panomera enables monitoring of large areas and distances from a single location, delivering high definition images. In combination with AdvanceGuard, the multi-focal technology allows tracking of multiple intruders simultaneously with one camera whilst recording the overall scene.

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