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About AdvanceGuard

We had many interesting questions about our AdvanceGuard perimeter protection, security radar system during Passenger Terminal Expo. Here are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions:

1. Can the radar detect animals?

Yes, the radar can detect small and large wildlife. Additionally, it can be programmed to filter out animals such as birds, to avoid nuisance alarms.

Find out more on our wildlife detection page.

2. What is the range of the radar?

The radars vary in sizes and each size has a different indicative range. The HDR300 is up to 3000m, the HDR200 is up to 1000m, and the HDR100 is up to 300m.

3. How does the radar ‘see’?

The radar scans 360°, transmitting radio waves to detect objects. This information is then analysed by the intelligent software which can differentiate people, vehicles, animals, aircraft and objects. The information is shown to the operator on a user-friendly interface.

4. Can AdvanceGuard be integrated with other systems and cameras?

The AdvanceGuard solution can be sold as a stand alone system, or can be seamlessly integrated with existing or additional systems and most cameras.

5. How many radars are needed for an airport?

A site survey is carried out to determine how many radars are will be needed for any specific airport. AdvanceGuard is scalable and configurable, meaning it can be adapted to suit the needs of your site’s surroundings. AdvanceGuard provides full perimeter protection and security for inside and outside of the compound.

6. What is the smallest size object AdvanceGuard can detect?

AdvanceGuard detects objects as small as 15cm.

7. What are the weather limitations?

Detection performance is unaffected by all weather, lighting or environmental conditions. Thus, allows users to have full situational awareness, whatever the condition.