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A Successful Show at Intersec 2016

Navtech Radar had a very successful show at Intersec 2016, with a high turnover of visitors and lots of interest in the new high definition radar series. The middle eastern show continues to be a good meeting point for customers throughout the region as well as from further afield. Thank you to all the visitors who attended.

The HD AdvanceGuard perimeter intruder detection system (PIDS) incorporates Accutrack technology and delivers 100% coverage of a site whilst detecting beyond the perimeter fence. The all new Accutrack technology, gives AdvanceGuard the most accurate object tracking available on the market.

AdvanceGuard’s distributed architecture allows sensors to be placed anywhere. This ensures that even the most obscured areas are covered. Matching the range of the sensor to the line of sight enables complete coverage that is cost effective and fault tolerant. Installation is not reliant on existing infrastructure as AdvanceGuard can use wireless communication and renewable energy, such as solar panels, to run the low power sensors. It configures to the most demanding of security criteria, but management is made simple via a user friendly interface.

Traditional radar based security systems use high power, long range sensors, often located in a central position. While these solutions are good for large open areas with an unobstructed view, their effectiveness is often impaired in cluttered environments such as airports. On the other hand, AdvanceGuard is the ideal solution for these complex applications. Find out more on the system.