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Icon of digger used for mining


The harsh conditions of mining means many choices of automation sensor are not sufficient in providing an anti-collision solution.

Navtech Radar's robust sensor can withstand extreme vibrations and is unaffected by dust and smoke. It can detect all sizes of debris present in and around mines, which may pose a threat to safety. Neither dust in the air nor a build up on the sensor itself will impact performance, meaning low maintenance and reliable stockpile monitoring for the entire lifetime of the mining automation sensor.

Image of tracks in a mine. Mining automation allows for miner safety.

Detection Conditions

  • All light levels
  • Fire, smoke and hot gasses
  • Dust and sandstorms 
  • Extreme temperatures 
  • Strong vibrations 

Other Capabilities 

  • Stockpile management 
  • Anti-collision
  • 360° scanning capabilities 
  • Harsh environment sensing
  • Debris detection
Image of an automated mining machine.

How Does it Work?

The sensors are installed on existing mining equipment and can be used navigation, anti-collision and obstacle detection.

Sensors can alert operators to any potential objects which may become an obstacle for any equipment. Autonomous mining means fewer miners in dangerous mines and increased efficiency, as sensors can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Example: Minas Gerais

Why Choose Navtech Radar's Sensors for Mining Automation?

  • Fully autonomous operation 

Switching to autonomous mining means less miners placed in the mine itself, which results in less danger. Costs will be saved and efficiency will be higher due to 24-hour operation in all conditions.

  • Stockpile measuring

The sensor can measure the profile of the stockpile prior to each pass of an excavation bucket and immediately after the material has been collected. This means the precise volume that has been reclaimed can be recalculated, and the reclaimers position can be adjusted accordingly in order to optimise the capacity for the next excavation. Operation costs will henceforth be minimised.

  • No cleaning needed 

Despite being installed in dusty and dirty environments, the radar does not require any cleaning and will remain fully functional at all times.

  • Minimal maintenance

The sensors only require maintenance checks at five-year intervals, meaning they are suitable for installation in mines which may be located in remote or hard to reach areas.

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