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Fan vent icon for ventilation control in tunnels

Ventilation Control

In the event of a fire in a tunnel, video cameras become ineffective due to smoke and high temperatures. The lack of quality information about the incident prolongs the evacuation, as the responding emergency services need to hunt down the motorists inside the tunnel. This has negative effects for both parties as a long period of exposure to harmful smoke and intense heat can causes serious health problems and the chance for fatalities is increased.

ClearWay improves the speed of evacuation when incidents occur in the tunnel. The system provides situational awareness during tunnel fires as it automatically detects people and tracks their movement and location. The system can be integrated to the ventilation control system, propelling flames and smoke to the opposite direction to the road users' evacuation path, subsequently reducing the level of smoke exposure. It can also control the ventilation based on traffic flow.

Image of a ventilator which could be used for ventilation control in tunnels.

Ventilation Control

  • Ventilation control used to protect        vulnerable road users in an emergency
  • Automatically identifies and                       locates road users during fire
  • Coordinated response with                        emergency services 

How does ClearWay Improve Tunnel Safety?

The Situational Awareness module within ClearWay provides information regarding the exact position of vehicles and pedestrians in the tunnel during a tunnel fire or other incident. Real time updates enable operators and fire services to make life saving decisions quickly and the coordinated rapid response  ensures effective management of the event. Lighting and ventilation control allows vehicles to evacuate the tunnel in an emergency, decreasing the chance of injury or fatality. 

Why Choose ClearWay for Tunnel Ventilation?

  • Automatically identifies and tracks all road users in the tunnel

ClearWay displays road user locations on an overhead map, providing the operator with real-time information during emergency situations. It tracks their exact location, direction of movement and speed even in extreme tunnel fire conditions. The operator is able to effectively direct the emergency services to the exact location of trapped drivers, improving response and evacuation time. 

  • Ventilation is used to propel smoke away from drivers

The operator can manipulate the air supply to reduce the impact of tunnel fires. As the location of drivers is known, the operator can control the air flow to direct poisonous smoke away from the most vulnerable trapped drivers. Ultimately decreasing the potential that tunnel fires result in fatalities. 

  • Information when you need it most

ClearWay improves the management of incidents in tunnels as both the reacting emergency services and the third party operator have a greater understanding of the events unfolding. 

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