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Vehicle and Person Tracking

Mission-critical sites are a key target for both person and vehicle intrusions. Whilst initial detection is essential, intruder tracking is also imperative to ensure an intruder's exact location is known throughout the entire event. If this does not happen, major disruption will be caused and safety will be threatened.

The reliable AdvanceGuard system detects both vehicles and people when there is a potential or actual perimeter breach. The fully automated system takes control of cameras when an intruder is detected, and continuously tracks the target. The radar can detect infinite targets, ensuring complete safety and reliable detection. The system is configurable so can filter out authorised personnel to ensure false alarm rates are kept to a minimum. This allows operators to have complete trust in their AdvanceGuard system.

Image of a pedestrian intruder by the perimeter fence

Detection and Tracking Conditions

  • Fog, snow and rain
  • Sand and dust
  • All levels of light, from darkness to sun glare
  • Extreme temperatures

Detection Types

  • Inside and outside the perimeter
  • Vehicle detection
  • Unauthorised person detection
  • Critical point detection
  • Controlled zone detection
Image of airport runways and perimeter fence.

How Does Automatic Tracking Work?

AdvanceGuard provides automatic detection and tracking of vehicles and people. In the control room, operators are warned of any potential and actual secured area breaches. The system can automatically take control of the security cameras and track the target, providing operators with full situational awareness at all times. Data can be stored on the system and be revisited for post event analysis.

Sensors can scan 360° and are available in a variety of ranges up to a 3,000m radius. Multiple sensors can be linked together to provide coverage of the entire site. The radar system can be easily integrated with third party cameras or video management systems (VMS).

Why choose AdvanceGuard for Automatic Detection and Tracking of People and Vehicles?

AdvanceGuard pin points the exact location of intruders in vehicles or on-foot. It identifies their direction of movement and speed, providing accurate data for fast response. The intelligent software analysis behaviour according to pre-configured rules. It can then determine whether a detection is considered a threat or not.

  • Reliable detection

High-resolution radars differentiates size and categorises target types. It can filter out authorised personnel and vehicles to keep alarm rates low, providing reliable detection and tracking. This is done by using behaviour analysis, or by adding the 'friend' or foe' feature.

  • Fully automated operation

The system automatically takes control of cameras, relays and other sensors, meaning operators can react to any potential or actual threats quicker.

  •  Low false alarm rate

AdvanceGuard has a high level of trust from operators, as it only identifies vehicles and people which are a true threat to safety or property. This maintains operator vigilance which lowers the likelihood of human error. 

  • Ongoing situational awareness 

The system tracks intruders in real-time, enabling a fast response. All targets appear on a visual map, and movements and behaviour can be tracked. Information can be stored for forensic analysis or training purposes. 

AdvanceGuard Value Proposition

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