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Situational Awareness in Tunnels

Understanding incidents which take place in tunnels is not an easy task. Many detection systems are unable to track multiple targets, and emergency services lack awareness when arriving at the scene of an incidents.

ClearWay's situational awareness feature is able to provide operators with a visual map of the area. Each vehicle and pedestrian is detected, tracked and identified, with all movements appearing on the map for visual information. When an incident occurs, situational awareness allows emergency services and highway control to understand the exact number of vehicles and pedestrians, and their location in real-time. This enables a smoother and faster response, ideally minimising the number of casualties and also reducing disruption times.

Image of firefighters tackling a tunnel fire.

Typical problems during a tunnel fire

  • Temperature rises
  • Tunnel is filled with smoke
  • Lights go out
  • Sprinkler system engages


  • Complete darkness
  • Fire, flames and high temperatures
  • Smoke and hot gasses
  • Water and spray
Image of a tunnel which would require situational awareness.

How Does Situational Awareness Work?

Normal operation

The road is continually monitored and the control room is made aware of incidents in as little as 10 seconds.

During an incident

Real-time visibility and location of debris, vehicles and people are passed to the control room to coordinate emergency response.

Post event analysis 

A screen recording of the events can be evaluated following the event, for training and forensic purposes.

Clarity of Vision 

What information does ClearWay provide to the operator?

- Provides live video stream of radar and tunnel data 

- Exact location of the incident 

- Exact location and number of vehicles in the tunnel

- Exact location and number of pedestrians in the tunnel

- Location of emergency services in the tunnel 

- Information to allow the emergency services to plan best response to the incident

- Information to allow the emergency services to plan most appropriate evacuation


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